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Triple Aught and CFT (Chronicles of the First Times) was birthed from a calling. Before spring of 2016 we were already acquainted with hearing angels inside our private circle, mainly the guardians and angels that were assigned to our family. But it had not occurred to any of us that this would spark more than a helpful aide in worship and dealing with our own spiritual issues. It all started with a question.
On a longer road trip, Jeff started contemplating the Scriptural reference of giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4, and he got an idea of writing a fictional book about it. As he developed the idea, he realized he could ask some of our angels about the concept, and so make the work more accurate. When he arrived home, he shared the idea with the family and asked that we check with some of our angels.
To our great surprise, some of our guardians willingly started sharing information. Quickly Jeff turned to the LORD to verify whether he was on a right track, or if he were delving into things the LORD would not agree with. The answer was astounding. Not only was this okay with Him – it was His plan! He gave instructions to interview angels and take down the stories they shared, and He also said that He would send more angels to us, whose testimonies would be pivotal to the stories. It became clear that this would not be fiction – it would be the stories and experiences and testimonies of many angels – their own, personal eyewitness accounts of what happened. And we were to record, not create, the stories.
Our call had a scope – to interview and record the Times from the very beginning of creation, through the time of the giants and the Flood, then through the time of Babel and the dispersion and up to the time when Abram left Ur. This was the breadth of the mandate.
For the first two years the family worked one evening per week, interviewing, recording, filing data and creating maps and profiles. The LORD and the angels taught us to ask questions to receive answers; and, if the answers were vague, to ask better questions. Sometimes spirits would masquerade as angels and give us strange and confusing information. Then we learned that the gate of hearing had to be checked continually – every angel we interviewed had to identify him/herself and his/her allegiance to the LORD.
There was much to learn, and new understanding to be processed. From our backgrounds we really had no concept of angels appearing as male or female. They all seemed to be ‘male’ warriors, ‘the host of heaven’ in Scripture. In truth, they are neither, but they can be revealed as either, and in some cases, even as animals. According to their assignments and positions most of them would prefer a male or female type identity, and therefore we would refer to them as ‘he’ or ‘she.’
An even greater revelation came as the LORD presented the Holy Spirit to us as ‘She.’ After the first shock and double checking that this really was the LORD speaking, it started making perfect sense – She is the Helper, the Comforter, the One who births and matures the believers into Christlikeness. Her gentle, quiet manner and Her lack of need for personal prowess greatly helped the ladies in our own household understand true femininity. She is what true Female looks like, and She is the very antithesis of the Jezebel spirit that has such influence on the world in this age. The Holy Spirit presented Herself as full of glorious joy and triumph.
After two years of asking questions that explored the whole age of the First Times, and getting a feel for the various skills and memories of our angels, the LORD then directed us to focus in on the first two books – War of Heaven and Book of Beginnings. These books were to come out together, as they tell the tales of the Beginning of Heaven and of Earth. War of Heaven is a free-standing story, as it is the only one about Heaven. Book of Beginning is Book 1 of the story of Earth and of Mankind.
We pray that all who read will be touched by the love of God and by the testimonies of angels about the First Times and the First People on Earth.

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