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The Chronicles of the First Time


The War of Heaven

Heaven–The most perfect of all places. But even here, perfect beauty can be marred by the pride of one...
The foundation of Heaven is laid. As angels wake up and get acquainted to
their home and duties, subtle changes soon begin to occur to the Angels of
Light, brought on by their leader, the Archangel Lucifer. Lucifer intends to
take the Throne of Heaven for himself, for he is the most beautiful angel,
and the pinnacle of creation. But will the other Archangels and their
divisions allow him? Follow the unfolding drama as angels see friends
change before their eyes and must draw swords for the first time.
Dictated and re-told from eyewitness accounts of over fifty faithful angels
and their God, War of Heaven serves as a testimony to all of what once
happened and affects us still.

The Book of Beginnings

Earth – a place of perfect beauty and endless delights. Most of all – the LORD Himself comes visiting!

Adam and Woman wake up to a world waiting to be discovered and creatures to be named. They fellowship with angels and with the LORD freely and rejoice in each other’s company. But soon all is shattered as Fallen incites Asvar the snake against the first Couple. Now they have to face their judgment and flee from the Garden and the fearsome Cherubim.

Wandering… Adam and Eve are left to wander far from home. Anger, guilt and despair eat at them while their guardians, now invisible to their eyes, try to comfort them. Days turn into years. Are they banned forever from the LORD’s presence? Will they be able to forgive themselves and each other? And the creatures – will they also be able to forgive Man who has brought a curse on all creation?

They must all choose.

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A Defiled Sacrifice

Love is blossoming. Cain and Tarishia are establishing their home, and Abel asks Aliv to become his companion. In the midst of the joy, the young men prepare to offer their first personal
sacrifices to Ad-Rham, the Friend of their father...

From then on, everything seems to go wrong. The deed is done.
Death and terror has struck the small family: Abel is dead; Cain
has fled. Aliv is heartbroken. Tarishia must forgive her husband
and sets out to find him. Adam and Eve face an empty home and
their own shattered hearts.

How can Adam’s house find strength to go on? Will the human
race survive?How will their guardians deal with the continuous
pressure and advances of the fallen? What will Ad-Rham, the
LORD God, do to help His hurting creation?

Follow the unfolding saga as the one family separates in to two
distinct clans, separated by space and facing increasing trouble
and threats to their very existence.

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