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Our Journey

Triple Aught is a family business. The whole family is involved.
Jeff is the family father and works in remodeling/construction. He was born in Nebraska in 1972. He was born again in college, and since then he has actively pursued the Kingdom of God. Missions has always been a big part of his heart. On his first two-year mission commitment in South Asia, he met Hanna Fryxelius from Sweden. After they were married in 1997, they dedicated their family – size, too! – and kept pursuing overseas missions in South Asia.
In 2008 they settled in the Midwest, where they as a family privately pursued setting up worship centers. These weekly worship watches, which continue to this day, became pivotal for the whole family to grow in spiritual gifts and learning how to wait on the Lord and inquire of Him for all guidance and direction. During these years several of the children developed a sensitivity to angelic activity and hearing angels. They also began recognizing the Lord’s voice through impressions and words.
Jeff had just inaugurated a worship center in a small town in Kansas when the Lord asked them to move to South Carolina. It was a sacrifice for the children, who had grown fond of home and community, but they all accepted the move as the Lord’s direction. For the next two years the family (now 15 members) lived in a camper, pursued work and school, but could not find a way to settle in the place the Lord had directed. During this challenging time the Lord birthed in Jeff the vision of CFT (Chronicles of the First Times) and the Triple Aught ministry. From the early summer of 2016 and onward, a team was established and started interviewing angels. In early 2018 the family finally settled in a home again.
Hanna was born in Sweden in 1975, the third child in a line of sixteen. Her parents were dedicated Christians and supportive of missions. They held Bible studies and actively pursued the Lord. Hanna was born again at age 14, and she dedicated her life to serving the Lord. After graduating Gymnasium, she left for her two-year commitment with OM (Operation Mobilization), where she met Jeff. The match was made in Heaven! Instead of caring for orphans in India (which had been her childhood dream) she became the busy mother of a growing number of beautiful children. She shares her husband’s love for worship, ministry and missions.

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Taken December 2020 from the left: John (20), Christina (15), Jeff (48), Hanna (46), Host (16), Caleb (12), Josef (22), Hosanna (18), Calvary (14). Bottom row: Samson (6), Gabriel (11), Samaria (3), Goel (9), Gideon (8), and Believe (2).

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