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Why Now?

Why does the LORD choose to reveal the Chronicles of the First Times now? Why didn’t He do it earlier?
Good question, and one that we also have asked Him about. There are many reasons.
He wants to reveal the beginning so that people will know Him and trust Him for the end. Learning of the wickedness of Noah’s times and the resulting Flood challenges us to take a stand for righteousness in our own generation against ever-increasing lawlessness. Learning of how Adam and Eve walked with God inspires us to walk with God on deeper levels.
He wants to increase our awareness of the spiritual dynamics around us, so that we can resist the activity of evil spirits and embrace the help of angels. The more we collaborate with our allies and discern our enemies, the greater our impact on our times.
He wants to show us that mankind’s problems, in all times, spring from the beginning – Lucifer’s fall from Heaven, and mankind’s Fall into sin. Living blind and dead to the spiritual reality has greatly crippled us, while the LORD is ever-present, ever willing to extend His friendship and His ability to resurrect us. The CFT story reveals how all our decisions and choices truly matter, and those choices will produce far-reaching consequences, for good or evil. 
He wants to show the truth behind Scriptures. In these days there is much confusion about the creation, the age of the Earth, the Flood, and of spiritual realities. The short descriptions in the Bible span great lengths of time, leaving room for much speculation. In the CFT stories we become His friends and get to partake of history in new ways. We find that the LORD and His principles are profound and yet simple – truth is simple! To follow the truth is the complicated part. Our dedication should be to know the truth and to follow it.

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